What Is A BDC ?

The Business Development Corporation (BDC) of the Faubourg Saint-Jean is a non-profit organization established to help the commercial development of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste District. Its objective is to help maintain the neighbourhood’s activities and socio-economic development as well as to help promote it. Furthermore, the BDC has devoted itself to speaking up for local businesses by defending and protecting their rights and interests when it comes to city council matters.

In order to help the BDC fulfill its objective, the members of its board of directors have worked long and hard to help the commercial development of the Saint-Jean-Baptiste District. While helping out with the progress of current affairs, they also contribute to establishing new projects.

The board of directors is composed of the following members:

Chairperson: Ms.Véronique Parent, Boutique Séraphin

Deputy Chairperson: M. Sébastien Dumais, Le Blender

Secretary-Treasurer : M. Mathieu Rouleau ,  Roba & Casso

Director : M. Virgile Lauthier, Ville de Québec

Director : M. Jean-François Schoofs, boulangerie PainGruël

Director : M. Jean-Phillipe Courtemanche, L’Intermarché

Director : M. Simon Fabi, Cantook micro-torréfaction

Director : M. André Drainville, Résident

Director : M. Yves Le Liboux, Le Billig

Chief Executive Officer : Ms. Catherine Laberge (

Event And Communications Coordinator : Ms. Mimi-Charlotte Jeannin (

Are you in the sector but haven’t become a member of the BDC yet? Click here to become one!